Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey everyone!!  I wanted to share with you my experience with the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail "stickers" (as I call them).  I purchased them in hopes of using them as accent nail pieces.  This was rather successful the first go around.  However, when I reached for them this morning I discovered that once you open one part of the package it is best to use them all or they dry up and will not stick to your finger nails.
I ended up using one "sticker" for two nails on most of my nails.  This worked out rather well, so I was able to get a whole manicure out of the box even though i wasted several due to being dried up...
Great concept!! I love how you can just put them on (rather easily if you are semi careful) and go.  No dry time made them an exceptional choice for me this AM before work. 
Now on to the disapointment... I think the pattern I picked out for me was not suited for me. LOL.  Lets just say I thought I was looking at BandAids on my nails all day long...
Excuse my car logo... I took this while I was waiting for someone to let me in at work this morning :D

So this obviously isnt my favorite pattern.  It was adorable as an accent nail with a corresponding color on the other nails.  But for a whole mani... not so much. 
Lesson learned spend the $8.50 on a bottle of OPI or China Glaze. :)
Everyone have a wonderful day!!
Until next time, much glitter and glam!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

wow all these giveaways!!

Ok so I know I have been posting giveaways from other bloggers lately and nothing by me... I just recently moved and havent gotten everything set up for me to take decent pics of my nails (or to do decent nails on myself...)  BUT I will be getting back into the swing of things very soon!!  Until then enjoy these other bloggers and all they have to offer!! (which is ALOT!!)

Onto the next giveaway hosted by At Your Fingertips!!  You can enter here! and check out her blog!  She has some nice swatches and other great stuff to share!!

Another Giveaway!

Hey yall!!
So here is another awesome giveaway posted by Harri aka TrailerHood Chic :)  you can find all the details here! on her blog.  You must be a public follower of hers and you can get up to four chances to win!!  Good luck to everyone!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crown Brushes!!

a Giveaway from PurseBuzz :) also visit Haute Look to see the deals on Crown Brushes there! Good luck to everyone!!